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Weight Loss & Weight Gain Support


Weight loss
As a dietitian, it is our role to promote a well-balanced diet that meets your nutritional needs. Consisting of the 5 groups: grains, dairy, protein, fruit and vegetables.

There is no reason to avoid any of these food groups when you are trying to lose weight unless you have a specific medical reason to.

By taking a thorough health history and a detailed food intake assessment, we can find areas in your diet that can be modified to help assist in weight loss. Healthy lifestyle goals can then be created which we can regulate and evaluate as required. It’s important to note there is no quick fix with weight loss and being physically active plays an
integral role.

Unintentional weight loss
It is important to seek medical support if you have unintentionally lost weight. Initially seeing a GP can guide you in the right direction and if required arrange further tests. Then a referral to dietitian.

With a GP referral, I can then support you to maintain your weight and increase a healthy weight gain through modification of your current diet. This tends to be a high energy, high protein diet, which would be tailored to your particular Intake and eating pattern.

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